The SLEEVZ Advantage


SLEEVZ easily attaches to eyewear.
1) No more fogging with eyewear
2) More comfortable 
3) More breathable
4) No more pressure on ears and face 
5) Versatile - Quickly transitioning from a face covering/shield to a face mask
6) No more mask fatigue and fidgeting
7) Antimicrobial and moisture wicking layer (goodbye maskne)
8) Extra protection with pocket for optional filter
9) Washable/Reusable
10) Made in the USA
11) Unique and Fashion Forward Design
12) User Friendly 
13) Fitness friendly
14) Hearing Aid Friendly
15) Beverage friendly
16) Beard Friendly 
17) Great for Hunting and Fishing 
18) And when Covid is over use it as a sun shield for anti-aging ;)

We all know the standard face masks are not enjoyable to wear, especially if you wear glasses.    We have designed a face mask that works with eyewear and not against it.   We just want to make it more comfortable, breathable and easier to do so (without the annoying fog).   


Did you know?  

You should be wearing eyewear to protect your eyes from viruses because they are just as susceptible as your nose and mouth.  If you aren’t one the 61% of the world that wears prescription eyewear SLEEVZ goes perfect with sunglasses, blue light, and safety glasses.  Be smart and protect your entire T-zone.   


This is a non-medical mask.   

Consult your doctor before using if you have pre-existing conditions or medical issues where magnets could cause issues.      

This product could be choking hazard if magnets are removed from pockets.